Personal Training

Opti-Life offers results-based Personal Training to guarantee our Community meets their goals. Our Professional Trainers are all degreed, certified experts. They take their time in assessing every clients’ current fitness level and creates a training program for the client using. Each program is tailored to the individual and is tracked to ensure progress. Our Personal Trainers are fun, engaging, and offer a deep wealth of knowledge for every client they serve. We have a wide variety of experts to ensure our Members have access to the Coach that’s best for them.

At Opti-Life, each client is viewed as a unique individual. In addition to Private 1:1 Sessions, we also offer Optimal Training – specialized training in a small group setting.

Optimal Training

Experience the benefits of Personal Training with the support and motivation of a small group setting. Exercise routines are created based on your individual experience, needs, and goals and performed under the supervision of a degreed and certified Personal Trainer. Track progress in real-time with industry-leading body composition analysis. Flexible mobile booking allows for you to reach your goals on your time.

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Potential Benefits:
  • Community Support + Motivation
  • Fat loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Greater mobility + flexibility
  • Decreased pain
  • Stress management


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