Food as Medicine

Nutrition Programs

Weight Loss

4 Pillar Program (12 weeks)

Become a totally new you. This program is an introduction to Functional Nutrition, which includes understanding the individual and unique nutritional needs of the whole body to accomplish better health and lifestyle change. The 4 pillars of the Functional Nourished + Well Nutrition Program are to Energize, Rebuild, Restore, and Stabilize your health. Members will meet with a Registered Dietitian 1x every 2 weeks for 45 minutes for 12 weeks. Members will be able to develop their own health goals and learn the necessary changes to bring those goals into reality.

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Anti-Inflammation Dietary Program (4 weeks)

Introduction to understanding inflammation and its role in weight loss and nutritional health.

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Immunity Rebuild


Improve and Stabilize Nutrition for an Optimal Immune System

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Reset Microbiome

Microbiome Health Digestion/Absorption + Liver Detox Program (4 weeks)
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Intermittent Fasting

Fasted (8 weeks)

Intermittent Fasting Nutrition Weight Loss Program

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Supplementation Programs

Our Dietitian will assess the needs of each participant and provide supplements to fit their individual health goals and program needs. During the program, our Dietitian will track participation while providing the necessary support, feedback, and assistance for the length of the program and Membership with Opti-Life. Our Supplementation Programs provide customized supplement plans as part of the Initial Nutrition Assessment. Plans are available in 3 and 6-month intervals with the option to renew as often as you like. All Supplement Programs can be customized, reviewed, and adjusted as needed. We also offer an in-house service that allows you to purchase your supplement plan and pick up on-site.

Available Packages