Food as Medicine

Nutrition Programs

At Opti-Life we are committed to understanding the individual and unique needs of each Member’s whole body to accomplish better health and lifestyle changes. Meet with Opti-Life’s Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Director to schedule a Complimentary Nutrition Consult or a 15-minute Well Check. Members have access to Nutrition + Supplementation Programs, Health Coaching or Grocery Store Tours.

Weight Loss (8 weeks)

4 Pillar Program: Energize, Rebuild, Restore + Stabilize

COVID-19 Recovery + Immunity Reset
(4 weeks)

Diet + Supplementation to manage long-term symptoms such as:

De-Flame (4 Weeks)


Microbiome Digestion Absorption Reset with Liver Detoxification (4 Weeks)

Digestion + Detox

Intermittent Fasting (8 Weeks)

Food as Medicine

Supplementation Programs

Introducing the Supplement Café – where health is our most precious asset and one that often goes neglected. Opti-Life specializes in offering Members science-based nutritional supplements to support their individual needs. Our focus is to provide the best formulas to address the holistic needs of the body with food-based synergistic formulas designed to support specific systemic needs, as well as overall health and wellness. Opti-Life’s Nutrition + Supplement Department is driven by the understanding that our body has an incredible capacity to heal itself if we can return it to optimal health through proper nutrition, exercise, and stress management. 

All current brands and products intricately selected for the Supplement Café include targeted herbal blends, vitamins, enzyme complexes, minerals, sport performance support, children’s health, and gender specific nutrition. Our Supplement brands are certified by the leading product integrity and safety entities available.

Available Packages
Food as Medicine

Functional Health Coaching

6 Sessions | 12 Sessions | Month-to-Month

Has your healthcare provider or loved one encouraged you to make specific dietary changes and you are unsure where to begin? Have you decided it’s time to say goodbye to old habits and begin your journey to feeling better? Do you need support on your journey to health and vitality? Functional Nutrition Coaching helps create a Client-Coach partnership where we explore the most appropriate nutrition to support the health of your body. Our Registered Dietitian will work with you to uncover the underlying contributors to any imbalances or deficiencies within the body. Receive customized tools to help discover food triggers and environmental stressors – causing undesired weight gain, inflammation/pain, trouble sleeping, gut microbiome imbalances, stress, anxiety, depression, and other chronic health issues. Coaching Sessions will provide supportive education and training using whole foods as medicine, food mapping, and supplements to address the holistic needs of the body with food-based synergistic formulas. This will allow the body to tap into its own vital reserve for wellness. The process, over time, can restore your body to a state of sustainable health.

Additional Add-on Health Coaching Services Available: Recipe Building, Virtual Cooking Demonstrations, Grocery Store Tours.

what to expect
Food as Medicine

Grocery Store Tours

Take your dietary and nutrition shopping skills to the next level. Opti-Life’s Registered Dietitian will provide guided Grocery Store Tours to educate, awaken, and empower you with the best nutrition-based knowledge and information needed to navigate our ever-expanding world of healthy foods, snacks, and health/fitness specific diets.


Learn how to use the many tools available for understanding ingredient lists and label reading, building your shopping list and creating healthy recipes aisle-by-aisle.


Discover new foods and brands and get to know your old favorites, while receiving shopping tips to simplify your lives in a one-on-one or group format.

1:1 Tour
60 minutes
Group of (2-3) Tour
75 minutes

Detress Dilworth-Brown, MSc, RDN, CFNC

Detress graduated from the Langston University in Langston, Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science in Food Nutrition and Dietetics in 1997 and completed a Master of Science at Oklahoma State University in Human Nutrition and Dietetics in 2001. In addition to her Nutrition degree, Detress is also a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor through the internationally recognized Functional Nutritional Alliance Full Body Systems Program accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and the American Association of Wellness Practitioners (AANWP).


Detress strongly values practicing nutritional care functionally, which is changing the future of healthcare. It promotes methods that have given her the skills needed to truly get to the root causes of her clients’ issues and guide them to health, even if they’ve been everywhere and tried everything, no matter what the signs, symptoms or diagnosis. A Functional approach creates individualized diet and lifestyle plans that actually work.


Detress thrives on a strong sense of purpose, empowering others with the knowledge to command and lead a life of optimal health and well-being, with more than 16 years of nutrition education counseling and training in Clinical/Public Health Nutrition, School Child Nutrition, Bariatric Surgery Health Coaching, Cardiovascular Rehab and Pediatric Obesity.  She continues to emphasize the holistic view of food as medicine and food diversity, demonstrating the significance of diet as it relates to all aspects of health, not solely weight control with the goal of helping individuals and groups make transformational lifestyle changes.