State-of-the-Art Equipment + Technology

Technology That Takes Your
Workouts to New Heights

As you get ready to rethink your wellness, rely on the state-of-the-art exercise equipment offered at Opti-Life to help you get the most out of your workout. Utilize mobile technology for goal tracking so that you can reach your full potential and achieve your desires. Take advantage of a heart rate training program that allows you to see your hard work pay off.

SKILLMILL™ by Technogym

The result of Technogym’s 20-year experience as official fitness equipment supplier to the Olympics, SKILLMILL™, is the first machine to allow everyday athletes to improve their power, speed, stamina, and agility in a single product. Safe, engaging, and effective, SKILLMILL™ offers all the benefits of professional sports training. This unique solution boasts a huge variety of workout routines to train the entire body, allowing Members to train like athletes for peak performance.

SKILLRUN™ by Technogym

SKILLRUN™ shatters all expectations of what a treadmill can be. This is the first piece of running equipment designed to meet the training requirements of high-level athletes and demanding fitness enthusiasts. Thanks to its unique MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY™, SKILLRUN™ users can combine cardio and power training in a single solution.

SKILLROW™ by Technogym

The first fully connected rowing machine that trains both cardio and power at an athlete’s level, thanks to its sport-specific design, exclusive technology, and performance-oriented workouts. MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY™ add further resistance to the air resistance. This groundbreaking innovation enables users to change the equipment mode from cardiovascular to power training by simply adjusting the resistance level.


EXCITE LIVE CLIMB™ helps you build the confidence to step outside your boundaries and achieve extraordinary results. Its accessible design and engaging training content make climbing fun and effective at every level.

GROUP CYCLE™ RIDE by Technogym

Group Cycle™ Ride is easy to use like never before, thanks to the exclusive patent pending ON-THE-FLY SETTINGS. It combines unique design with awesome feeling and technology to enable riders to be in the front line of the action.