High-Level Holistic Approach

In-Depth + Scientific
Comprehensive Fitness Consultation

If you love fitness as much as you love your body, you are in the right place. Take an enlightened approach to your body’s needs using Opti-Life’s specially crafted scientific assessment. Work with expert Fitness Specialists to explore programs and tune in to your body’s needs.

As an Opti-Life Member, you have access to the most scientifically advanced fitness assessment tools around. Every new Member receives a full-body composition analysis with the InBody 770 plus a functional fitness assessment. Each assessment includes a personalized session with a Wellness Consultant to start you on your journey to your optimal life.

Our Comprehensive Fitness Consultation includes:

To schedule a Comprehensive Fitness Consultation, contact the front desk at (316) 927-5959 or Book Now through the EmpowerMe portal.