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Opti-Life Vitality Club + Spa

An Exclusive Health and
Wellness Community.

Opti-Life is a fitness, spa and wellness community. Members can enjoy fitness, nutrition, and wellness guidance, as well as yoga, strength-training, group exercise and Pilates classes. In addition, we offer in-house and virtual programming including educational talks, wine tastings, meditations, and networking events. We also feature our Serenity Lounge and co-working space for a place to decompress or catch up on work. We offer a full-service luxury spa with rejuvenating experiences that include massage, facials and other forms of therapeutic healing.

At Opti-Life we provide a path for our members highest potential within a like-minded community. We have created a space where people come to take care of themselves, to feel good, and to thrive. We hold that space so people can discover more about themselves.

We are kind. We are grateful. We contribute.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to awaken our community members to their highest potential. Our Mission is to provide a path to vibrant health and vitality through inspiration and empowerment.

Our Pillars

We believe in the following pillars of foundation for good health: Food as Medicine, Elimination, Movement, Rejuvenation, Purpose, Community,  and Mindfulness.