Opti-Life Vitality Club + Spa


At Opti-Life we provide a path for our Members’ highest potential within a like-minded community. We have created a space where people come to take care of themselves, feel good, and thrive. Our space is the perfect location for people to discover more about themselves.


We approach wellness from a whole-being perspective, providing a space for our Members to enjoy a variety of exercise experiences. We also offer in-house and virtual programming including educational talks, wine tastings, meditations, and networking events. Enjoy our Serenity Lounge and Workspace for a place to decompress or catch up on work. Finally, pamper yourself with our full-service luxurious spa with rejuvenating experiences and therapeutic healing services.


When you join a community of people who are working towards the same goals as you are, you receive the support and affirmation that you need to stay on track. At Opti-Life, we have created a community of individuals who are committed to taking care of every part of their well-being from the diet, to fitness, to the mind. Together, let us master the art of meditation, enlighten your spirit, and elevate your fitness goals. Seek comfort in having the encouragement and tough love from a community that supports you on your best and worst days.


Our Story

Vision + Mission

Core Values


Our Vision is to awaken our Community Members to their highest potential.

Our Mission is to provide a path to vibrant health and vitality through inspiration and empowerment.

We are KIND




  • Community
  • Elimination
  • Food as Medicine
  • Mindfulness
  • Movement
  • Purpose
  • Rejuvenation

Opti-Life exists to help individuals bring wholeness to their lives, and to become more vibrant and fully alive. We recognized that true well-being isn’t just the result of having a healthy, strong body. It also has to do with having healthy and healed emotions, feeling spiritually connected and fed, being a part of a community that cares about you, and living each day with a grateful heart and true purpose.


Our dream was to build a place where people could go to become healthy and thriving, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. A place where people could feel a true sense of community and feel loved for showing up exactly as they are. It’s a place to feel welcomed, loved and supported. It’s a place to exercise, rejuvenate, connect and self-nourish. We call Opti-Life our “happy place”. From the blueprint of our mission to the blueprint of our building – every square inch of Opti- Life was built with very strong intention and purpose.


All-Inclusive Amenities

Serenity Lounge + Workspace

Serenity Lounge + Workspace

Whether you are studying for your next big final or you need a place to work remote, Opti-Life Members can enjoy a communal workspace. Workspace Hours are Monday - Friday 6:00am – 5:00pm. Our lounge area includes bean bags and couches, spa water, coffee service, access to the internet, prayer corner, and diffused essential oils to promote focus and clarity. 

Kid's Club

Kid's Club

We understand that childcare is an important part of making your fitness goals a reality. Your kids can be a part of your health plan by spending time at the Kid’s Club while you are working out, in a spa treatment, or at a health meeting. Let your kids take advantage of the learning opportunities and community building exercises at the Kid’s Club, while you manage your health in another room.