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Opti-Life Vitality Club + Spa is an exclusive health and wellness community.

Let’s get fit together!

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Collective, Inspirational Fitness

Energizing Group Exercise

Don’t just jump into a workout without knowing your limits, strengths, and purpose. Join a class of fitness gurus who are ready to move on their path to beauty, strength and full-body health.

Work with certified trainers in a group exercise setting and gain the benefits of having a professional coach guide you through your workout. Each class focuses on a different body part or exercise and works through expert techniques, taught by a premium fitness coach. Enjoy the support of your classmates as you push yourself to new levels in your group fitness class. 

Upscale & Experienced Fitness Coaches

gain the support of hands-on fitness coaches for your routine

Opti-Life’s expert-level certified fitness coaches give you the upper-hand when it comes to your exercise routine. Give yourself that special edge in reaching your desires when you enlist the advice and guidance of a fitness coach who truly understands the inner workings of the human body. Enjoy the benefits of a coach who understands your body type and works with you to care for your unique fitness needs.

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