who we are

Opti-Life Vitality Club + Spa is a state-of-the-art fitness center, luxury spa, and holistic wellness community that provides a path toward vibrant health.


Programs to Reach Your Highest Potential

Opti-Life offers over 100 classes on the weekly schedule. There are 6 studios equipped with high-end technology to accommodate every format and fitness level for our Members. Prepare to fall in love with exercise from the support of a Opti-Life group classes.


Enjoy a Luxurious Experience at the Rejuvenation Spa at Opti-Life

The Rejuvenation Spa was created as a place to relax, restore, and recharge both body and mind. In our busy lives, we all too often neglect rejuvenation of the mind. By offering full-body rejuvenation, Opti-Life provides a blissful sanctuary that supports the individual wellness needs of our Members.

Food as Medicine

A Holistic Approach to Full-Body Health

Functional Nutrition, which includes understanding the individual and unique nutritional needs of the whole body to accomplish better health and lifestyle change. The 4 pillars of the Functional Nourished + Well Nutrition Program are to Energize, Rebuild, Restore, and Stabilize your health.

Latest News

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